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Melbourne Peculiar

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Melbourne Peculiar is a guide to everything that's
a little bit odd about Melbourne.

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About Melbourne Peculiar

pe·cu·liar (adj.)
1. Unusual; eccentric; strange; odd
2. Distinctive; individual; special
3. One's own; a sole or exclusive characteristic or property.

Melbourne Peculiar is a guide to the things about Melbourne that are a little bit odd or distinctive.
Melbourne Peculiar
This city is famed for its culinary delights, artistic life, adventurous architecture and fabulous fashion. It's also loved for its eccentricities and secrets. This app aims to reveal oddities even many Melburnians didn't know existed.

In its 140+ entries, find out about the secret anti-consumer message hidden in plain sight in a shopping arcade. Learn about ghosts, macabre history, the graves of strange inventors, the weird public art, some unusual dishes for the jaded palate and the kitschy architectural touches.

Melbourne Peculiar aims to explore things that are distinctive or strange about this great city – from the faintly odd to the positively arcane.

- Narrelle M Harris

What's in the Melbourne Peculiar app?

For the price of a cup of excellent Melbourne coffee, you will get 144 entries about some of Melbourne's oddest features.

Melbourne Peculiar allows you to search by category, cost or neighbourhood. Each entry includes a slideshow and descriptive text. If the entry is for a place you can visit, maps will guide you to the peculiar wonders.

Melbourne Peculiar has 144 entries and over 700 photos!  The February 2014 edition includes:
  • Cemeteries
    • Melbourne's Elvis Memorial
    • The resting place of the inventor of Vegemite
  • Entertainment & Events
    • Strange puppetsMelbourne Peculiar cover
    • The zombie shuffle
  • Food & Drink
    • Honey made on Melbourne rooftops
    • Truffle oil and spam for breakfast
  • Ghosts
    • Ghosts in theatres and bars
    • Haunted tours
  • Literature
    • Trams on Twitter
    • Literary locales
  • Museums and Galleries
    • Percy Grainger's unusually personal collection
    • NGV: fingers in the waterwall and lying on the floor
  • Outside Melbourne
    • Tours, sculpture parks and chestnut beer
    • Ned Kelly
  • Peculiar History
    • Crime tours
    • A former morgue
  • Peculiar Places
    • A secret message in a shopping arcade
    • A mirror ball in an alley
  • Public Art
    • A cow up a tree
    • Graffiti or street art?
  • Shopping
    • Subversive books
    • Macabre jewellery
and more!

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About the Author
Narrelle M HarrisNarrelle M Harris is a Melbourne-based writer with four novels, one play and several short stories under her belt to date. The Opposite Of Life , released in 2008, is a vampire novel set in Melbourne.  Walking Shadows, the sequel to The Opposite of Life and Showtime, a collection of short horror stories, came out in 2012. In 2013, writing as NM Harris, Narrelle's first erotic romance stories were published. She is also publishing her multimedia storytelling project, Kitty and Cadaver, online in weekly instalments.

She also writes in the business sector has created two smartphone apps:
Melbourne Literary and Melbourne Peculiar were created in association with Sutro Media.

Narrelle lives in the city centre of Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, Tim Richards, and their apartment-bound cat Petra.

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