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What Melbourne alleyway is named after a group of hard rockers? Where can you find a corroboree tree that's older than the entire city it's standing in? And why is there a gargoyle resembling a 1990s politician on the side of a Catholic cathedral?

Though Melbourne, Australia is a relatively young city, its life since it was founded in 1835 has been full of incident. From gold rush to the aftermath of armed rebellion, from the glory years of "Marvellous Melbourne" to the crash of 1891, Melbourne was a great Victorian-era city where boundaries were always being challenged.

Its 20th century history was no less interesting, as the city performed the role of Australia's national capital for 26 years and later hosted the Olympic Games.

Now a lively city with a thriving centre, home to bars, restaurants, the arts, sporting venues and its renowned laneway culture, the signs of Melbourne's past are still everywhere to be enjoyed.

With well over 100 entries, the Melbourne Historical app will help you explore the historic buildings, monuments, museums, gardens, mansions and theatres that still grace the city streets, blending their period charms with the vibrant Melbourne of today.

If you're visiting Melbourne from interstate or overseas, this guide will enhance your time in Melbourne with its detailed selection of fascinating places. And if you're a Melburnian, you'll still find plenty of interest, as Melbourne Historical includes many historic items that are often overlooked by locals.

Ever heard of the historic iron urinals in the city centre? Visited the memorial to the executed war nurse Edith Cavell? Looked up at the Shakespearan mosaic on Collins Street or inspected the Elizabeth Street cartoon cat?

This guide will help you see one of the world's great cities in a fresh new light.

Your purchase will include regular future updates packed with more items of interest, and the app is only about the price of a cup of coffee - a finely crafted Melbourne coffee prepared by a superbly nonchalant barista in a hidden alleyway cafe, at that!

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What are they saying about Melbourne Historical?

"Richards has done a splendid job on Melbourne: bright text, some great images and an easy-to-use interface and search facility. I particularly like the 'Offbeat' section that includes places most Melburnians probably don't know exist..."
Garry Barker, The Age, 11 March 2010

"... the whole point of the program was to expose tourists and Melburnians to the most interesting aspects of the city, which were often small, obscure and right in front of our noses."
Profile in the Leader group of local newspapers, 26 April 2010 [Read the full article here]

See Tim talking about the 19th century urinals which are featured in the app!

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