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Winner of Best International Travel Story Under 1000 Words at the 2016 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, for A Boy and a Coin.
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Recently Published

It'll be White on the Night
, 1 January 2017

"'Ballarat is a logical place to do this,' says White Night artistic director David Atkins. 'It has a fantastic history, it's the home of the southern hemisphere's longest running Eisteddfod, Her Majesty's Theatre has been going for 150 years. There are a range of things that put Ballarat into the box seat.' The box seat on this occasion is for White Night Ballarat..."

Previewing an all-night arts event in the Victorian regional city

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Best Travel Finds of 2016
Traveller (The Age & Sydney Morning Herald),
31 December

"You wouldn't expect to find a link to The Bard in Poland's historic Baltic port, but in the 17th-century, Gdańsk hosted English actors in a theatre based on an Elizabethan London playhouse. Constructed on the same site, the Shakespeare Theatre is an imposing structure of black brick, with a bright timber interior and a retractable roof. Take a guided tour for fine rooftop views of the city, or catch a surtitled play within..."

Introducing the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk, Poland

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The Alternative Destinations to Europe's Most Crowded Tourist Cities
, 16 December 2016

"Many people in popular European cities rely on tourism for their income, but it seems even these places can hit a point at which the crowds become a problem. What's to be done? Ration arrivals to these cities, and place turnstiles at its parks and most popular streets? I have another solution in mind: go elsewhere. What if we... or at least some of us... chose other European cities to visit? Places that have charms of their own, without being swamped by tourists?"

Proposing attractive alternatives to the most crowded tourist cities of Europe

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Santa Barbara - History and Illusion
24 November 2016

"Iím standing outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, and Iím impressed. With its lofty tower and a Spanish inscription carved above its archway, I assume it must be a relic from the 19th century. I later find out it was built in 1929. Thatís one of the interesting things about this Californian city; you can never tell how old anything really is. It some ways though, it makes sense that Santa Barbara resembles a Hollywood set..."

Exploring the attractive Spanish-style architecture of Santa Barbara, USA.

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Getting Naked in Germany's Bathhouses
, 17 November 2016

"Which of the world's many nationalities are the most casual about going nude? Could it be the Koreans or Japanese with their traditions of public bathhouses? Or the Finns with their famous saunas? These are strong contenders. But for Olympic levels of nuding up in public, the laurel wreath Ė or maybe fig leaf Ė must be presented to the Germans..."

Soaking my cares away in the glorious old bathhouses
of Germany.

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Ocean Rail: Riding the Pacific Surfliner
Traveller (The Age & Sydney Morning Herald),
12 November

"The year 1915 was a big one for San Diego. To celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal, California's southernmost city threw a two-year-long party: the Panama-California Exposition. To welcome visitors to this event, a new train station, the Santa Fe Depot, was built in the pseudo-Spanish Mission Revival style. I'm at that station to catch Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner train, which runs north through Los Angeles and Santa Barbara before terminating at San Luis Obispo..."

Heading north along the Pacific coast by rail, through Southern California, USA

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A Love Story
Discover, Spring/Summer 2016

"The Romantic Road touring route through southern Germany has lost none of its charm with age. Established in 1950, itís a showcase of beautiful towns and cities which match our storybook expectations of Central Europe..." 

Highlighting the attractions along this popular route through Bavaria, Germany.
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Unknown Nevada
lonelyplanet.com, November 2016

"If all you know about Nevada is the razzmatazz of Las Vegas, youíre in for a surprise. The Silver State is packed with unexpected experiences. Step into its vast wilderness and youíll find lonely deserts, eerie ghost towns and spectacular night skies. Who knows? You might even spot a UFO as you travel Nevadaís wide-open roads in search of these lesser-known lures..."

Investigating attractions across the wide open expanses of Nevada
, USA.

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Exploring the First Forest: Białowieża National Park
lonelyplanet.com, 28 October 2016

"In eastern Poland, straddling the border with Belarus, is an ancient forest where wild European bison roam. Thatís reason enough to visit Białowieża National Park, but its greenery is a marvel too, little touched by human activity and home to numerous species of animals and plants. While borders and human populations around it have dramatically altered, this remarkable natural refuge has endured..."

Walking within the Strictly Protected Area of an age-old forest in Poland

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Singapore Art Deco Walking Tour
, 21 October 2016

"'It's not technically a fire escape, it's a boyfriend escape,' says Lip Sin, pointing to the stairs on an apartment building in Tiong Bahru. 'A lot of rich businessmen housed their mistresses here.' It seems Singapore is not the buttoned-up puritanical state it's often depicted as; or at least it wasn't back in the 1930s. That's when this residential neighbourhood was built on a reclaimed swamp, with graceful art deco buildings replacing squatters' huts and rutted, muddy roads..."

Taking a free walking tour of the attractive art deco district of Tiong Bahru,

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