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Winner of the Travel Industry Analysis Award at the 2013 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence,
for the article World's Most Expensive Cities Not So Bad ... If You're Australian
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Recently Published

First Time Québec City
www.lonelyplanet.com, 18 August 2014

"The heart of Québec City lies within its walls. The 18th century fortifications on Cap Diamant encircle the Old Town, and it’s understandable that visitors should focus on this district. With its beautiful assortment of historic buildings and narrow, winding streets, there’s a distinctly European feel to this French-speaking North American city (with a touch of fairy tale thrown in for good measure). But there’s more to Québec City than its venerable centre perched high above the St Lawrence River..."

Introducing the districts and attractions of
Québec City, Canada.
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Cider Houses Rule
The Sunday Age
, 17 August 2014

"Cider, let’s face it, is seriously hip in the bars of Melbourne. This new appeal has added a string to the bow of Tasmanian wine producers. In the attractive heritage buildings of Launceston’s CBD and the picturesque Tamar Valley, bars, restaurants and cellar doors are now featuring local cider. In a region famous for its apples it’s a logical step, and a new reason for mainlanders to visit..."

Investigating the revived popularity of cider in northern Tasmania
Available for republication (print only).
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First World Problems: Luxury Guests' Gripes in the World's Worst Cities
Fairfax Traveller
, 12 August 2014

"'No man is an island,' wrote the Elizabethan poet John Donne. But this may not be true of hotels. Every traveller knows that accommodation can be either a reflection of the city around it, or a refuge from its challenges. A hotel can seem like an embassy from another world – with a carefully orchestrated serenity aided by decor, light, sound and even scent. Nowhere is this contrast stronger than in the world’s 'least liveable' cities..."

Contrasting travellers' online
accommodation reviews with the cities they're visiting.
Available for republication (print only).

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Seoul: Food & Culture
Serendib, August 2014

"If I've learned one thing on my first day in Seoul, it's this - never order topokki just for one. This popular South Korean dish is undoubtedly delicious. A big stew of rice cakes, fish cakes, boiled eggs, chilli sauce, noodles and vegetables, it's been bubbling away at the stove on my table for several minutes. However, it's impossible for me to finish more than half the amount in the cooking bowl..."

Exploring the vibrant food and cultural attractions of the South Korean capital.
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The Omani Road Less Travelled
Issimo Magazine, 2 August 2014

"I have Robert Frost’s famous poem on my mind as I stand on the ramparts of Nakhal Fort in Oman. From the sand-coloured walls of this old fortification, the edge of the city of Muscat is on the horizon, a collection of low pale buildings dotted with greenery. As inviting as it is, however, I’m turning my back on the capital and heading inland with a small group aboard a 4WD vehicle, toward stark mountains, vast sandy deserts and deserted beaches..."

Investigating the dramatic landscapes of this Middle Eastern nation.
Available for republication (print and Web).
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Cafes of Hongdae
Get Up & Go, Winter 2014

"Seoul is both a busy commercial centre and a UNESCO City of Design. But look beyond the glass and steel towers at its centre, and you’ll find neighbourhoods of winding alleyways and human-scale buildings, where the South Korean capital comes alive. One of the most vibrant districts is Hongdae, centred on Hongik University and other nearby institutions devoted to art and design. It’s a happening area of dining, live music and fashion..."

Discovering the quirky cafes of this arty district of Seoul, South Korea.
Available for republication (print and Web).
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Fifty Things We Love About Travel Right Now (Five items authored by me)
The Age & Sydney Morning Herald
28 June

"It's always been easy to figure out how to use public transport in a foreign city - as long as it ran on rails. Train and tram routes were easy to decipher, but local buses remained an impenetrable mystery. As more and more cities around the world make their transport data available to Google Maps, however, that puzzle has largely been solved. Tap in a query about getting from A to B, and the app will tell you which buses to catch and where to transfer. It opens up a whole new way of getting around in the company of locals..."

Five items of fifty, covering
Los Angeles, Seoul, Ballarat, and useful travel technology.
My items available for republication (print only).
Images available.

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Escape the Concrete Jungle: Pockets of the Past in Modern Seoul
www.lonelyplanet.com, 26 June 2014

"Concrete. Glass. Steel. That’s the common perception of Seoul. And when you consider the damage done to the city during the Korean War, followed by its rapid industrialisation, it’s not surprising that the first thing you notice about the South Korean capital is its modernity. But believe it or not, there’s more to Seoul than shiny corporate towers. Here and there, pockets of its 2000-year-old past are tucked between 21st century structures..."

Detailing the quieter nooks and crannies of the South Korean capital.
Not available for republication.

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A Fine Desert Bromance
The Sunday Age
, 22 June 2014

"The concealed hole by the main door has us puzzled. Was it really created in order to unleash a shotgun blast on bandits wanting the householder’s gold? Or was it just a theatrical gimmick to amuse guests? At Scotty’s Castle, a stately home deep within Death Valley, little is truly as it seems. For a start, it's a mansion rather than a castle. Secondly, it didn't belong to Scotty, although this mercurial con man did hang around the place in the interwar years..."

Taking a tour of a desert mansion with a bromance at its heart,
in Death Valley, USA.
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Design Landmark Bends the Rules
The Age
, 21 June 2014

"'Zaha Hadid is famous for her irregularly shaped buildings,' says Helen, my South Korean guide to Seoul’s new Dongdaemun Design Plaza. 'She likes to emancipate buildings from right angles and T-squares.' She certainly does. As I gaze up at the new centrepiece of this UNESCO City of Design, there’s not an angle to be seen in the British architect’s extraordinary creation. The vast lip of the building curves above us, like a slowly breaking wave or a strange metallic tongue..."

Exploring a stunning new design precinct in Seoul, South Korea.
Available for republication (print only).
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