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Winner of Best International Travel Story Under 1000 Words at the 2016 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, for A Boy and a Coin.
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A Walking Tour with the Emperor of the United States
, 17 August 2017

"It's not every day you draw a royal as a tour guide. And what a splendid personage is this Emperor Norton I (channelled by Joseph Amster). Clad in a fine military uniform with gold epaulettes, a scarlet cummerbund and a hat festooned in colourful plumes, Norton stands out even in San Francisco, a city no stranger to strangeness. Which is fitting, as the real-life Norton was the king of the city's eccentrics in the 19th century..."

Joining a tour delving into the eccentric past of San Francisco, USA.

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What Can Poland Teach Us About Freedom?
BBC Travel
, 7 August 2017

"What really caught my eye, however, is the older structure next to it: a sturdy set of metal gates attached to a blue guardhouse, with the words Stocznia Gdańska in huge block letters above. This is no ordinary gate – in fact it might be the most significant in modern European history. For this is Gate Two of what was once the Lenin Shipyard. It was near here that electrician Lech Wałęsa scaled the wall to organise a strike by workers against Poland’s then-communist government..."

Learning about Poland's struggle for freedom, at the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk.

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Is Wifi in Australian Hotels Getting Better?
, 1 August 2017

"One-bar rage. We've all been there. When you check into a big hotel, make your way up to your room, log into the hotel wifi... and it flickers between one and two bars of signal strength. It seems more frustrating to have a weak signal than no signal at all, as you struggle to get websites or emails to download. And forget about streaming a movie. But is Australia worse for hotel wifi than other countries?"

Investigating the quality of wireless Internet connections in Australia's hotels.

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Masoch Café: A cocktail bar dedicated to masochism
, 1 August 2017

"Leopold von Sacher-who? Stay with me. He may not be a household name, but you'll know the concept he gave his name to: masochism. Born in Lviv in 1836, as an adult he developed a taste for being sexually dominated by women, and wrote about it. Sacher-Masoch also argued against anti-Semitism and promoted women's rights. But it's for masochism he's remembered, and the Masoch Café aims to honour this legacy..."

Visiting an unconventional cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

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Melbourne Laneways: Six of the Best Secret Spots
, 14 July 2017

"If Hosier Lane is the acknowledged queen of Melbourne street art laneways, Union Lane is its disreputable young sister... an empty stretch of brick walls and disused loading bays – all covered, literally layered, with art. There are some expertly painted figures, but mostly it's a collection of artists' tags of all sizes and shades, plastered over each other without a gap. Think of the laneway as a single, ever-changing piece of art, and you'll get the gist...."

Exploring the famous laneways of Melbourne, Australia.

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Using Uber Overseas: Why it’s Better than Taxis
Escape, 14 July 2017

"My favourite Uber driver in California was the musician who drove to make money between gigs. His band toured a lot — even overseas, like Queen before they were world-famous. He was 'big in Japan'. Another Uber driver who picked me up from a comedy venue on LA’s Sunset Strip was a showman who led a passionate discussion of superheroes. He also chanted 'Five stars!' to encourage me to grant him that rating on the ride-sharing service’s app..."

Relating my experiences of using the ride-sharing service in California, USA.

[Read the full article here]

Hong Kong's New Hotspot
Paradise, July-August 2017

"Hong Kong’s new South Island MTR line opened at the end of last year, reaching Wong Chuk Hang. Not a moment too soon for the inquisitive traveller, as the former industrial district has been gradually transforming into a fascinating hotspot of art, design and food. In the 20th century this was an area crammed with numerous factories. The empty space became a playground for creative types. As a result there’s still a measure of grit, but also plenty of cutting-edge venues to explore..."

Exploring a cool Hong Kong 'hood for the inflight magazine of Air Niugini.

[Read the full article here]

Coast to Coast: Across Australia by Rail
www.lonelyplanet.com, 12 June 2017

"For almost half a century, Australia's Indian Pacific train has traced a three-day journey by rail between Sydney and Perth. Its 4,352km route between the Pacific and Indian Oceans takes in mountains, native bushland, desert, wheat fields and urban sprawl. Those taking this trip gain a close-up experience of Australia’s immense size and diversity, as its dramatic landscape slides past..."

Travelling across Australia via this great transcontinental train

[Read the full article here]

How to Score the Best Economy Class Seat on a Plane
Escape, 6 June 2017

"Squeezed in tight, with a battle for the armrest and a seatback in your face. We’ve all been there – it’s a battle for space when you fly long-distance in Economy Class. It doesn’t matter how great the plane’s entertainment system is, or how tolerable the airline food, if you can barely move with discomfort. But take heart, because I’m going to reveal my formula for securing the best Economy Seat on any plane..."

Revealing how I choose the optimum airline seat in Economy Class.

[Read the full article here]

Review: The Redbury Hollywood
Traveller, 20 May 2017

"The hotel seems to have soaked up some of the louche glamour of Hollywood's golden age. Its public spaces are decked out with heavy drapes, low lounges, and giant photographs of actress femme fatales. The dominant colour is a deep wine red, accentuating the air of forbidden luxury – as if one had stumbled into the private hideaway of a reclusive starlet..."

Reviewing a vibrant hotel located on Hollywood & Vine, in Los Angeles, USA.

[Read the full article here]

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