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Winner of Best International Travel Story Under 1000 Words at the 2016 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, for A Boy and a Coin.

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YVR Forever - Vancouver Airport Highlights
17 April 2018

"Even I have noticed the interior of Vancouver International Airport. Thereís something about its blue-green decor, dotted with timber carvings, that relaxes the incoming passenger on the long march to Customs. And Iím not the only passenger who likes the place. In 2017, YVR was named the Best Airport in North America in the Skytrax World Airport Awards. So whatís so good about this airport, and why does it make an attractive alternative entry point to North America?"

Detailing the highlights of Vancouver International Airport, Canada.

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Foodie Trails, Footscray: An African food tour of Melbourne
, 19 March 2018

"'We want to break down cultural barriers,' says Himanshi, tour guide and founder of Foodie Trails. 'When you're unfamiliar with a culture, you can be overwhelmed. But food can break down barriers because people are willing to try something different.' She has a point, especially as she's making it while we're seated at Khartoum Centre, a restaurant in Melbourne's fabulously multicultural suburb of Footscray..."

Joining a walking tour featuring African food and culture in Melbourne, Australia

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Yukon, Canada: The Gold Rush Town that Time Nearly Forgot
, 18 March 2018

"Yukon! Just the name of Canadaís remote north-western territory sparks excitement, with visions of wilderness and far frontiers. Yukon is still all that, even in the 21st century. Travellers regularly fly into Whitehorse, the territory capital, to hire an RV and head north to Dawson City and its relics of the 19th century Klondike gold rush. Before heading out, however, itís worth taking time to explore the Ďbig cityí (population 25,000)..."

Detailing the highlights of the capital city of Yukon, Canada.

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Yukon: Whitehorse Highlights
The Sunday Territorian
, 11 March 2018

"During the last Ice Age, sea levels dropped so far that it was possible to walk from Siberia to Yukon ó and many animals and humans did so, populating a unique region known as Beringia. Its fascinating natural history is explored here, with details of such curious creatures as woolly mammoths, steppe bison, scimitar cats, and giant short-faced bears. The tale of the first people to inhabit North America is also intriguing, with speculations on their culture based on scant remains..."

Exploring the attractions of the capital city of Yukon, Canada.

Enter the (Flying) Dragon
28 February 2018

"The first time I flew out of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), I was lucky enough to have access to the Cathay Pacific lounge known as The Pier. Walking along its length, from room to room, feels like taking a stroll through the opening shot of an arthouse movie. Thereís a dedicated noodle room, a tea room, bars and relaxation rooms, and at the very end thereís a dimly-lit space dotted with comfy reclined chairs that are more like beds..."

Detailing the highlights of Hong Kong International Airport, China.

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Laneways Less Travelled
Issimo Magazine, 9 February 2018

"Melbourneís CBD laneways are its pride and joy, but some are more famous than others. The hole-in-the-wall eateries of Centre Place appear frequently in the media, and Hosier Lane is always packed with tourists eyeing its street art. At the other end of the scale, however, are laneways where tourists seldom tread..."

Investigating six less-visited laneways in Melbourne, Australa.

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Bellarine Bound
Jetstar Magazine
, February 2018

"Itís here Iíll be casting off for the 90-minute cruise to Portarlington, on the Bellarine Peninsula. The vessel, a two-deck 400-seater operated by Port Phillip Ferries, serves commuters heading to their Melbourne offices during the week. But at weekends its schedule is well suited to daytrippers wanting a break in the other direction. Once I reach Portarlington, Iíll have four hours to enjoy the attractions of the town and peninsula..."

Enjoying a cruise from Melbourne to Portarlington, Victoria, followed by a winery tour.

[Read the full article here]

I Travelled the World Without (Much) Cash
The Age & Sydney Morning Herald
31 January 2018

"It was at Vancouver's Museum of Anthropology that I finally had to stump up some cash. Since arriving in the Canadian city two days before, I'd been paying for everything via my phone using Apple Pay. It had been such a successful strategy that I still had the C$100 I'd arrived with in cash. Now, however, I needed to hire a locker before I enjoyed the institution's spectacular collection of First Nations totem poles. To do that, I had to break a note and put a Canadian quarter into the slot..."

Trying to pay for everything using contactless payment methods in Hong Kong, Canada, the USA & the UK.

[Read the full article here]

Life on the Rails in Porthmadog, Wales
, 14 January 2018

"In every British summer, so I've been told, there's one perfect sunny day. And it seems I've jagged it today, as my narrow-gauge Welsh Highland Railway train trundles through the countryside to Caernarfon. After we depart Porthmadog, a former slate-mining port on a pretty estuary, its urban backyards are replaced by craggy hills behind meadows with sheep and cattle. With a blue sky above, and the mirror-calm water of lakes along the route, each view seems a postcard cliche..."

Catching trains along three narrow-gauge railways from this town in Wales, UK.

[Read the full article here]

Q Train Brings Glamour Back to Rail Travel
, 6 January 2018

"A tourist train offers a trip into nostalgia, but it's usually a journey to the Golden Age of Rail rather than the pop hits of my childhood. But the Club Loco bar was once the disco car of the Sunlander, the Brisbane-Cairns sleeper train that was retired in 2014. Now, painted sky blue, former Sunlander carriages comprise a new dinner train that runs to the coastal town of Queenscliff and back..."

Enjoying the delights of this restaurant train from Drysdale to Queenscliff, Australia.

[Read the full article here]

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